At ZipGuam, safety is our top prioritysafe

We have the highest safety standards in the industry.
Although many tours say they’re safe, few can tell you exactly what they do to make it so, but we can!

  • We only use internationally-certified, superior-quality materials, components and equipmen,t and we use conservative equipment and element capacity limits. We inspect our equipment and tour elements incessantly and document every detail.
  • Our double-line traverses and comprehensive safety line systems for guests and personnel on all high platforms provide unsurpassed risk reduction.
  • We use a time-tested operations system that incorporates internationally-recognized  high angle techniques proven effective for risk management in the high adventure tour. 
  • Since personnel are the heart of the operation, our training program is the most comprehensive in existence. Guides receive extensive instruction and practice so they can not only operate the tour professionally but have the knowledge to prevent problems and the skills to respond to emergencies effectively.
  • We are committed to the safe operation of the tour – safety doesn’t come cheaply and we spare no expense to ensure your experience is a risk-free as possible.
  • As for most adventurous activities, participants must sign a waiver prior to doing the tour and are at their own risk and responsibility. 

    Our highly-trained guides help you use special equipment and techniques to experience this amazing wilderness from a unique perspective. Feel the rush of adrenalin as you WHOOSH over six zip lines above a canopy of trees with a birds-eye view of the pristine ocean and Tumon Bay. Enjoy a classic canopy tour with stunning views and thrilling rides while you experience natural beauty surrounding you.


Elements – Safety and Environmental Responsibility Through Technology
Building a high adventure tour, whether a canopy tour, zipline or rappel adventure, that harmonizes with the natural environment, requires a unique perspective and a combination of engineering, art and technology. Our lightweight, modular design allows us to build anywhere and leave little or no footprint when elements are removed and we ensure natural features are protected and preserved throughout construction and operation.  

Operations System – Proven Effective
The Operations System is unique to the industry. Based on more than a decade of experience in high adventure tour operations, our manual provides recommendations, policies and procedures and even paperwork needed to operate efficiently from day one.

Training – Meticulous and Exhaustive
Our training program is by far the most complete course available for high adventure tour operators and emphasizes exceptional guest service, mishap prevention and sustainable operations. We provide 250 hours of instruction in tour operations plus a supervised apprenticeship period. We also provide refresher, upgrade and specialty courses in areas such as guest service, element maintenance or risk management.

Tour Development -Extensive Experience
With experience in the ground-up development of more than a dozen tours internationally, the team is fluent in every aspect of project development and we’ll guide you step-by-step through the process of creating a spectacular attraction that meets vision and operational goals.

Support Services - Ongoing and Comprehensive
Since we not only design and build high adventure tours but also have extensive experience in operations, we know what it takes to keep a canopy tour, zipline or rappel adventure operating successfully over the long term. We provide ongoing support services including training, inspections and maintenance, manuals and documentation, equipment and operational supplies, and of course, advice and recommendations whenever needed.
ZipGuam– Safety Equipment

High Adventure Technology recommends the use of Petzl® brand equipment. Renowned for its superior quality, Petzl® equipment is internationally-certified and carefully evaluated and rated for strength. Petzl® is also distinguished for ground-breaking designs and the application of new technologies and is one of the few high angle equipment manufacturers to develop products specifically for the high adventure tourism market. This means your equipment is not only superior and durable but also fresh, innovative and appropriate. Located in Crolles, France for thirty years Petzl's mission has remained constant and has provided the highest standard of extreme sporting and climbing equipment offering people practical solutions that maximize their safety and mobility in the vertical world.

State-of-the-art equipment is used on our zip courses to provide the utmost safety and comfort of our guests. This equipment is required for all participants on the zip course.


Also called “Seat Harness”, these harnesses provide the utmost safety with adjustable comfort. These seat harnesses are an industry standard. The webbing that the harness is made of has a tensile breaking strength of 5000 lb (22.3kN)

Chest harness


For use in conjunction with a seat harness, the chest harnesses keeps you upright while on the cable and provides you with a full body harness. This is something that Zip Fiji has incorporated into our equipment to provide extra safety. Chest harnesses have a 5000 lb (22.3kN) tensile breaking strength.



Allows the participant to traverse from platform to platform on the cables. Manufactured by PETZL, Tandem Speed Pulley has 4,500 lb (20kN) tensile breaking strength.



Multiple carabineers are used in conjunction with other course equipment to secure participants. Carabiners are made by multiple companies within the industry. All of our carabiners have over 5000 lb (22.3kN) tensile breaking strength.



Helmets are designed to protect the head from objects dropped from above and to serve as a barrier from bumps and abrasions.



The safety lanyard connects the participant to the transportation system and to the safety system. We use a specially-manufactured double-lanyard (not hand-tied webbing or rope) for maximum safety.


These gloves are used to provide safety and for braking on the cable.